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LUXE combines elegant aesthetic with beastly power. LUXE’s 2” full-view TFT screen with touch panel gives you a much wider and smoother space to play. The Insta-Fire technology you’ve come to know and love delivers 0.001s firing rate. Our OMNI-Board 4.0 with 2.5A ultrafast charge technology is the perfect engine for this sophisticated cloud machine.

The LUXE kit comes paired with the SKRR tank, boasting a powerful new Quadflow air distribution system. Quadflow guarantees an exquisite experience by keeping cold drafts out, eliminating spit back, and minimizing leakage.LUXE – When Beauty meets Beast

Breathtaking Display
Open up your view with this sleek edge-to-edge 2.0 inch TFT screen.
A massive display which fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Play with Comfort
The LUXE uses touch screen buttons to let you fully take advantage of the fastest OMNI board 4.0 chip and optimized UI interface help you to explore the fun of vaping with ease.

Vibration-enabled buttons provide tactile feedback you expect from high-tech devices.

0.001s Insta-Fire
With the most rapid, stable yet safe firing rate of 0.001s, Insta-fire quick heating system brings you rich flavor and denser clouds from the very first puff.

Superplayer Mode(0.03~5Ω) 
The Broadest Resistance range Adaptive to All Mainstream Tanks

OMNI Board 4.0 Passthrough
A level switch is added into the hardware so the charging is imediately turned off when vaping. Once you’re finished vaping, charging automatically restarts.

2.5A Quick Charging
Dramatically Shorten Your
Charging Time
Normal Charging(1A): 4-5 Hours
2.5A Charging: 1.5 Hours

Innovative QF Air Distribution System
Supercharge your clouds with SKRR’s new QF Coils, for a more flavorful and denser cloud than ever!

• Eliminating Cold Air Intake gives warmer, richer flavors
• Increasing and Optimizing Airflow means we can create even bigger and denser clouds, with a smoothness you won’t believe until you’ve tried it yourself

Introducing – Flax Fiber with Cotton!
Longer Lifespan & more consistent flavor!
Our Research & Development team have rigorously tested different ratios of flax and cotton fibers to create the most consistently flavorful vapor and longest coil lifespan possible!

What is Flax?
High liquid absorption rate allowing increased flavor production.
The Strongest Natural Fiber, therefore increasing the lifespan of the coil.

Available colours:
• Silver
• Iris
• Bronze
• Red

Main features:
• Length: 47.8mm
• Width: 30mm
• Height: 146
• Tank Capacity: 2ml
• Display: 2” TFT color screen
• Battery: 2×18650 (Not Included)
• Power Range: 5-220W
• Resistance Range: 0.03~5Ω

How to charge
 Easy to charge via Micro 5pin USB port. When battery indicate that is full, disconnect the wire. Never leave connected for night time.

How to fill
Top E-liquid Filling: The e-liquid can easily be filled by unscrew the top cap and pour liquid to the side hole (never to the center one). Please let the tank stand for 5 minutes, so the cotton can be saturated with juice before using.

1. Please don’t add e-liquid into the air pipe.
2. Please don’t overfill and make sure the e-liquid level is between 10%-90%.
3. Please first drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the wick of the coil to make it fully saturated before first use.
4. Please use proper PG/VG ratio liquids for this type of tank

How to fit / exchange coil
1. Make sure the clearomizer is detached from the battery.
2. Turn the clearomizer upside-down, so that the mouthpiece is pointing towards the floor.
3. Unscrew the base of the clearomizer (the part that screws into the battery).
4. Unscrew the coil from device and swop with new one
5. Screw the base with new coil back onto the clearomizer body.
6. Now is the time to fill the tank with liquid. Let the tank stand for 5 minutes, so the cotton can be saturated with vape juice before using.
7. Screw the clearomizer onto your battery.

Sub ohm device. Worth reading before buying:
This type of device is intended for the user with grater knowledge and experience. Coils used are below 1.0 ohm so that higher Wattage could be used. Before you use please read manual. Often, this kits are equipped with additional options that allow you to adjust Wattage.

For Sub ohm devices we recommend that you do not use liquids with nicotine higher than 6mg / ml and only good quality liquids with 30/70 PG / VG or higher VG. Devices of this type produce a lot more of vape, which results in a stronger hit to the throat (like higher nicotine in the basic device). Ask if you’re not sure … we don’t bite 😉

The kit contains:
• 1 x LUXE S mod
• 1 x SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank (2ml)
• 1 × QF Strip Coil 0.15Ω (Pre-installed)
• 1 × QF Meshed Coil 0.2Ω
• 1 × Silicone Case
• 1 × O-Ring
• 1 × USB Cable
• 1 × User Guide

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